Initiative Overview

The 2CI Initiative is a five-year program to add at least 100 new faculty lines between 2010-2015. Its primary goal is to build nationally and/or internationally recognized strength and critical mass around common research themes to enhance Georgia State University’s overall quality, interdisciplinary richness, and competitiveness. It is designed to build upon the University’s strategic plan, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration. An expected outcome is the acceleration of collaborative faculty research to support the expansion of new knowledge, scholarship and research activities. The initiative is also intended to increase our level of competitive, federally funded research and to elevate GSU’s overall recognition for excellence in research.

Fifth Cycle
In this final round of 2CI funding, we are soliciting proposals for building and advancing interdisciplinary scholarship that is linked to one of the following themes: 1) aging, 2) literacy, 3) regulatory science and policy, 4) creativity and innovation, 5) rehabilitation, 6) translational science, 7) globalization and global shifts, 8) building thriving individuals, families, and communities.

Proposals may request funds for:
a) a high-impact cluster leader with follow-on hires;


b) a traditional cluster of, eligible for tenure-on-appointment, associate or full professor hires, the number of whom is flexible depending of the proposal and justification provided.

High-impact cluster leaders are defined as senior, tenured faculty leaders around whom the university can build a collaborative and interdisciplinary research program. During their first semester at GSU, the high impact cluster leader will be expected to submit a follow-on cluster proposal for the hiring of additional, eligible for tenure-on-appointment, associate or full professor level faculty. The cluster leader and the follow-on faculty hires will be expected to build scholarly expertise in their area of focus. Traditional clusters will hire multiple, eligible for tenure-on-appointment, associate or full professor level faculty who can build a collaborative and interdisciplinary research program in their area of scholarly focus.

Successful 2CI proposals will provide compelling evidence of:

  • a clear opportunity to uniquely or creatively leverage current or new resources for high impact by building an interdisciplinary research focus that links our existing faculty and/or current research strengths in an innovative way that will gain recognition in an area of national and/or international significance.
  •  a focus that also fits within the university’s strategic priorities and plan and increases interdisciplinary collaboration and research.
  • subject matter that is of documented national and/or international significance with available external funding, particularly federal funding.
  • the proposing unit(s) having the administrative and academic leadership commitment in place for building the proposed new cluster leader/cluster into productive interdisciplinary teams that can ensure a collaborative and intellectually attractive environment for ongoing development.
  • a high likelihood of enhancing not only the university’s research portfolio, but its national and/or international reputation. The plan specifies measurable outcomes (candidate’s current, and future potential for, federally funded research grant funding, and/or national and international prestigious awards) and a specific time frame on which to evaluate the application’s progress and success, and evaluate its return on investment.