Proposal Requirements

Abstract (300 words)

Specify the area of strength, its national significance, and the special opportunities being addressed by the proposal. Include the number of positions requested, and the faculty or research staff member who will be the point-of-contact for the proposal.

Proposal (2000 Words)

The proposal should address the following:

  1. How this cluster hire addresses an area of national significance.
  2. How this proposal has the potential to significantly and rapidly escalate Georgia State University as a recognized leader in education, scholarship and research in the area under development.

It should answer the following questions

  1. What evidence is there of a clear opportunity to uniquely or creatively leverage current or new resources for high impact by building an interdisciplinary research focus that links our existing faculty and/or current research strengths in an innovative way that will gain recognition in an area of national and/or international significance?
  2. What evidence is there that the cluster focus fits within the university’s strategic priorities and plan and increases interdisciplinary collaboration and research?
  3. What evidence is there that the subject matter is one of documented national and/or international significance with available external funding, particularly federal funding?
  4. What evidence is there that there are individuals available who would have the scholarly status and leadership in the proposed cluster area, along with clear documentation of current and past history of funding/competitive fellowships, that there is an adequate pool of possible senior hires available to make this proposal viable?
  5. What evidence is there that the proposing unit has the administrative and academic leadership commitment in place for building the collaborative relationships between existing faculty and units and proposed new cluster leader/cluster into productive interdisciplinary teams that can ensure a collaborative and intellectually attractive environment for ongoing development?
  6. What evidence is there that there will be a high likelihood of enhancing not only the university’s research portfolio, but its national and/or international reputation. The plan specifies measurable outcomes (candidate’s current, and future potential for, federally funded research grant funding, and/or national and international prestigious awards) and a specific time frame on which to evaluate the application’s progress and success, and evaluate its return on investment?


Team (1 page): List the faculty and/or research staff, and their units, who actively collaborated on the proposal and are invested in its success. Identify the proposal ‘chair’ who will be the point of contact and provide leadership for all cluster related administration and searches.

Hiring Plan (1 page): Provide a timeline and search strategy for the proposed hire. Who will be the members of the search committee and how will they be chosen?

Budget Plan (1 page): Provide estimates of the starting salary for the cluster-leader position requested, and other planned sources of funds if it will be necessary for the college, school, university level research center and/or department to supplement the funding provided through the 2CI award. The unit(s) involved must provide documentation of funding in support of the proposal (start-up support, staffing, equipment, etc.), along with budget source.